Workshop / Presentation Information


Do you know kids who are amazingly creative?


Do you know:

  • children who have many ideas and have a lot to say?

  • children who are confident, expansive and eager to tell you many details about many different topics?

  • children who are able to talk about a wide variety of topics with a lot of details but are unable to write that information with the same detail?


And how about children who are bright and can learn at their age and grade level, but they cannot read the text in their grade level textbooks and novels?


Speech technologies are some of the most valuable technologies for learning, and yet they are undoubtedly the most underutilized technologies when it comes to student learning!


Talking and listening are two of our students' most underutilized strengths. Combining children’s speech and hearing with readily available technology and effective strategies create powerful methods for improving learning and achievement.


This will be a fun and informative session. Participants will have the opportunity of trying out some of these technology tools during the session.


Technology systems and specific strategies for developing independence and enhancing achievement will be demonstrated. In this session, you will learn how the right technology tools with effective strategies can transform your students into independent readers and writers, functioning at their maximum cognitive level. These are technology tools that most students already have available to them with the handheld devices they are carrying and the technologies available to them in schools. We, as parents and educators, need to learn how to incorporate these tools so that our students can bypass the mechanics of reading and writing to allow them to achieve their full potential for learning.


Many of the tools discussed are free or low cost. Participants can leave the session with tools and strategies ready to use with their students immediately.


This session will show data and case studies. The data shows significant gains in achievement and performance when students use the strategies and ideas presented in this session.

high angle view of colleagues working on



This is a 3-hour presentation and part of this time will be a hands-on workshop. If you want to participate in the hands-on section, please bring the following:


Technologies needed for the hands-on workshop (1 OR 2)

  • 1. Bring your own device for workshops being held in a classroom type environment - Participants should bring

    • Headphones with microphone (this is not essential since I will have some extras if needed)  and

    • Pen and paper (pen is preferred, not pencil) and

    • Laptop (Windows, Mac or Chromebook) OR

    • Tablet (iOS or Android) with keyboard​