TALKING and LISTENING strategies

help children reach their 


Powerful for learning

One of the most under-utilized strengths for many children is their voice or their speech. And for some students, using their hearing, together with eyes for reading is a far more powerful method of learning to read.


Technology tools

Speech and hearing skills, when combined with specific technology tools and strategies are highly effective for learning. Traditional methods of teaching generally don’t use technology audio functions and features in combination with the power of children's speech and hearing for learning!


Gap in technology use

The information on this site addresses a significant gap in the way we use technology for learning.  As you use the concepts explained on this website, most of you will find that your children will achieve more and they will increase their confidence in reading, writing, and overall learning activities.


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When children use their voice for writing and their ears and eyes together for listening and seeing while reading, they are working from a standpoint of their strengths, confidence and creativity. 

Progress and Achievement

The only way you will know if your child will achieve at higher levels when using speech and hearing is by trying out the ideas on these pages. Each child is individual and unique, but the vast majority of kids haven't even begun to harness the enormous power of TRUE multimedia learning! Some of the ideas and specific methods of using technologies on this website are extremely simple, quick, and in many cases are free if you have some of the most basic technology tools already available. In some cases, even just having a basic smartphone, or an old laptop will work. There truly are so many methods of using voice and hearing with technology that most of you reading this information could get started with your kids today. The only way you know is if you try these ideas and tools out with your own kids or your students. Ideas of how to track progress are also given in the Progress section of the site, but any parent or teacher will see the immediate benefits as kids start using these technology tools for more optimal learning and performance.