Technology develops at a rapid rate. It is hard keeping up with even the most basic changes. These pages will not only give information about the best tools, but also how to best use them. Knowing how to EFFECTIVELY use technology to enhance student achievement takes knowing about not only the technology tools but also the strategies, methods and approaches for using new features and functions as technology continues to grow. This website aims at keeping on top of new developments and providing information on not only the tools but how teachers and parents can use them well to give kids the best opportunity to function and achieve at their maximum potential and cognitive level! We are always learning about new developments so please let us know if you find tools that are useful by emailing us at the address below. We'd love to hear about your technology tools, and how you use them so we can share that information here.

This section shows the technology tools. Go to the Exercises section for suggestions and training strategies to help kids use these tools successfully. 

Voice Recording



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Updated February 06, 2019