Handheld devices (phones, tablets)

Speech recognition (SR) has become readily available on all handheld devices like smartphones, and tablets such as iPads and Android tablets. It is so much more powerful than it was just a few short years ago.

Speech recognition on phones and tablets

Speech recognition built into the keyboard so your child can click on the microphone anywhere to dictate.    iOS and Android

iphone keyboard.jpg
sr android.png
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sr ok google.png

Applications on Devices

Although the built-in speech functions on hand-held devices has become very accurate, there are some additional features that are useful in these applications listed below. These are apps that can be downloaded and are mostly free or low-cost, but they are powerful recognition apps with valuable features. Speech recognition is built into the iOS keyboard so your child can click on the microphone anywhere to dictate.

Google Gboard  (iOS, Android) 

This app has many features, but for voice, the best feature is fast offline speech recognition. Your device doesn't need to be connected to the internet to do speech recognition, which is different from the majority of hand-held SR systems. 

sr gboard.PNG


Watches that connect to your phone have become valuable tools for everyone, including kids who can benefit from using their voice to create reminders and for recording information 

apple watch.png