With speech, all kids can be

For many of our students who have handwriting or typing problems, poor spelling or difficulty with maintaining their posture while writing, the task of writing is an enormous challenge. Historically, we have provided many different types of alternate computer input systems – keyboards, rate enhancement software, and enlarged key labels just to name a few.


Now, with the technology we have available to us, there is a wide range of options which will allow students to use their voices to WRITE and to produce work of a higher quality and quantity. There are many programs and tools which allow for different types of recording for writing.




The very nature of these voice input systems allows students to become more INDEPENDENT and more EFFECTIVE writers, thus increasing their achievement, overall independence, and their own responsibility for the work they produce. As they work independently, their ideas, thoughts and information they are recording are their OWN. They don't need to concern themselves with what another individual might be thinking about their responses and writing at the time the task is being completed. Teachers can grade students on work that is truly the student's own, ‘independent’ work.


Talking is an EASY and QUICK way of producing writing or content.

Speech is one of the most powerful means of producing and recording information. Most children can talk and record their ideas and information.


For years we've written with our hands! We've used pens and pencils on paper. We've typed on rapidly changing manual, electronic and computer keyboards. Producing handwritten or typed text on paper or on the computer has been our method of recording our thoughts, ideas, and information.



Now, advances in technology and methods of recording, reporting and documentation are opening a whole new world for many who have challenges in producing written work.