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Student 1 Work Samples

Handwriting = 6.3 words per minute

Typing = 5.3 words per minute

Voice Recording = 69.6 words per minute​

HANDWRITING - blank page with pencil

student 1 handwriting.jpg

TYPING - regular keyboard

student 1 typing.jpg
Voice Recording - My interests
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VOICE RECORDING - transcribed by adult from recording


I also play Minecraft on the computer. I've never, I've never...When I played it, a lot of times, every time when I played it, I didn't see the Minecraft Creeper, and I went, and I burned up my lame house, and I went into it one time and I got stuck in it. My house in Minecraft, I burned up. I burned it up because it was lame. Because it was a lame house. That's all's I remember that I play. …on the computer.


I play in the snow. I pretend that the snow and ice are gold.

I pretend that they are gold. I also make snow angels. That's alls I do in the snow. I go down the…I do it in Royal Oak Park.

I have one brother, I don’t have any sisters.

I play the Wii. I play Wii Sports Resort. I also play Super Mario Galaxy II Wii. At first, I didn't play because at first I didn't really want to play as a Star in Super Mario Wii.

And, in Super Mario Galaxy, Wii's a star that Player 2 has to play as, is in a bubble all the time, and it can, and that Star can spin. And that car can, and that star can spin.

Cause all the characters in Super Mario Wii get to spin, and in that, and that, in Super Mario Galaxy II Wii, you have to, the Player 2 has to play as a Star.

Nope, it doesn't do, nope, it doesn't do anything special.

 I don't know if there are more fun things or not.


One time, he was recording his voice for a project.

My brother. I might eventually have to do that for my project. Because he did that in school, so I probably will do that.

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