Having students listen to the computer, having text read out loud, and listening to multimedia learning materials improves learning and reading skills.


Computers and handheld devices can read text out loud.


At the same time, the words and sentences are highlighted as the words are read out loud.


This combined auditory and visual presentation of information is extremely effective for learning. 


Using voice output offers opportunities for improved reading and production of written work and editing for students at EVERY cognitive and functional level.


Computer synthesized speech offers significant opportunities for increased efficiency in reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing, proofing and editing.

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Types of technology based voice output:


  • Text to speech for reading
    Computer reads text on
    screen to student

  • Text to speech for writing and editing
    Computer reads letters, words 
    and sentences as student is typing

  • Voiced instructions
    Teacher (or parent) adds voice instructions and information to students work for additional information or clarification

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