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Technology systems and specific strategies for developing independence and enhancing achievement will be discussed. In this webinar, you will learn how effective writing methods with effective strategies can transform your students into confident writers who produce content at their maximum cognitive and creative level. These are technology tools that most students already have available to them with the handheld devices they are carrying and the technologies already available to them in schools. We, as parents and educators, need to learn how to incorporate these tools so that our students can bypass the mechanics of writing to allow them to achieve their full potential for learning.

Powerful, Effective Technologies for Writing


FREE WEBINAR for parents and educators


A webinar for occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers, educators and parents who are interested in learning how students can write more effectively using technology tools and strategies.



In March and April, I will be providing free webinars as well as access to an online writing evaluation and training system for students. Therapists and teachers can use a powerful online tool (COPPA compliant) which will evaluate a student's current writing skills as well as provide ongoing writing training. The online system collects data in the background as the student is working - no extra time on the part of the adult for data collection! It is an extensive data collection system with many options for detailed reports. In this way, therapists and teachers are able to work with students using a wide variety of writing production methods, together with strategies for teaching. The data allows you monitor progress and to show clearly what the most effective methods of writing are for each student. The website allows for quantitative data with background recording of timing and accuracy. It also allows for qualitative data where teachers can grade assignments and provide comments on assignments in order to evaluate the content of each student's writing.  


(NO charge for the webinar information or access to the website.)






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