Fluency and Intonation

Work samples

Cats - poem to train intonation
cats poem.jpg
Lost my Head - Poem for fluency training

Poetry and Rhythm


Poetry can be a fun and effective way of training not only reading fluency but also pronunciation, emotion, and intonation while reading out loud. If approached correctly it can be an activity that increases motivation and interest in reading out loud.


Methods and types of activities

FUN, motivating and HIGHLY effective strategies for reading fluency. Activities that kids can do INDEPENDENTLY regardless of age or education level.


  1. Adult reads poem with rhythm and good intonation. Provides an effective model for student. Child can listen to this as often as needed as a model.

  2. Buddy reading
    Child reads along WITH teacher voice file. This can be a completely independent activity. (Discussed in more detail here).

  3. Child reads the poem and records the reading, independently after following the model and buddy reading.

  4. Add in sound clips or effects. Changing the voice. Kids LOVE all the audio edits and additions. These samples and activity suggestions/instructions will show you how to create learning opportunities with poetry, sound and rhythm.


Providing an audio model, together with sound, rhythm, sound effects and the teachers and the adults modeling of intonation is a powerful method of training fluency and intonation.


Multi-sensory learning, using multiple senses for the same activity has been shown over and over again to enhance learning significantly. Using these activities with listening to rhythm and speech, and reading the poetry out loud, recording the poetry and then students listening to their own reading our powerful strategies for training reading fluency. And these activities can be made approached with fun in mind. Adding sound effects, adding sound clips, changing the audio using audio editing software are all highly motivating for most students. These were examples and activity suggestions will show how technology can make this a fun and motivating activity which will impact your students learning.