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  • Most kids can and should be using their speech and hearing more effectively for learning

  • Powerful technology which is free or very low cost can make a huge difference in children's achievement

  • TALKING is an underutilized strength for the majority of our kids and we should be setting our kids up for achieving their full potential with speech and hearing strategies and technologies.

  • Most students are not using true multimodal and multimedia learning strategies that have been proven over years of research to have significant benefit for learning. 



  • talkative

  • expansive

  • confident

  • bright and intelligent with lots to say

For Educators: 

The suggestions and principles in this approach support the multi-tiered system of support framework. These are strategies and tools that fit into your existing curriculum. You can use your own content, activities, and exercises with students of any age and cognitive level. All students can benefit from the use of strategies presented on this website.


This approach uses students’ strengths for learning together with:

  • Tools that are QUICK and EASY for teachers to use

  • Suggestions that fit into your existing curriculum, and

  • Methods that show real progress supported by data!

Informational website to support presentations and training.


Nowadays kids can talk and record their voice on literally HUNDREDS of different technologies and software systems. There is an explosion of technology which allows all users to 'record' their voice and to use 'speech recognition.' This will all be described in detail in this website and the companion book soon to be released.


Listening involves teaching students to use a wide range of technologies to read to them and talk to them. This includes listening for learning and for recreation. The other part of listening includes adults listening to kids, either in real time OR listening to kids’ multimedia recordings and voiced assignments. It's a new way of thinking and a whole new approach which can result in far higher levels of achievement than the typical strategies we have used for years in education.

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Student work samples and comparisons of writing with voice recording, speech recognition, handwriting and typing are shown on this website. Work samples will be added regularly. Come back frequently to see amazing examples of achievement in kids who have never been able to produce anything at their grade level and who are able to perform beyond expectations with the strategies presented on this site.

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Knowing how to use technology EFFECTIVELY to enhance student achievement takes knowing about not only the technology tools but also the strategies, methods and approaches for using new features and functions as technology continues to grow. Find out about new developments and information on not only the tools but on how teachers and parents can use them wisely to give kids the best opportunity to function and achieve at their maximum potential and cognitive level!


How do you know if your child is really achieving more using voice for reading and writing?
Data can help evaluate a child’s progress objectively. Learn how to use web-based quantitative and qualitative data collection methods to record progress and achievement for one child or many.

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Comprehensive information on stages of training and strategies for success.